Saturday, 17 December 2016

5 Roman Makeup Facts

17th Day of Christmas.


In the Roman era, they craved to have big eyes and long eyelashes, They loved eyebrows that almost met in the middle and really dark eyebrows, to get that they would put either soot, mud or sometimes animals poo and make their eyebrows go inwards.


On their eyes they would put kohl, to apply it they would sharpen a bit of glass or a bit of wood also they would use an animal bone sharpened to a point, they would dip it in water then into the kohl to almost make it a watery gel.


Romans loved colorful eyeshadow, they would use mineral malachite a green crystal rock, they would crush the rock till only powder was left. for blue, they would use azurite which is a blue powdery rock which was easy to crush.


Like other historic eras they wanted to pale their faces, they would use white marl, white lead which was highly poisonous, and white chalk. in some writing found back then men would describe how a woman would run from rain as it would make their face run.


 Roman woman would also die there hair, a blonde die was made off beeches ash and goats fat, for red it was made out of plants from the henna family. for black hair, its was made out of black antimony with animal fat and leaves left to brew in vinegar then crushed with a dark ash added, then mixed all together with rose oil. 

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