Tuesday, 10 January 2017


First post of 2017. This post is going to be all about new things, as it is a new year, therefore I have made a list of new products that I have fallen in love with.


Mermaid blanket. Ok, I know this is the latest trend everywhere but I love mermaid things, since I was about four years old, ever since I watched h20 I would have done anything to have had this blanket when I was younger. On Christmas day I sat on the couch watching princess diaries with a harry potter book in my hand wrapped up in my mermaid blanket. I was in heaven and its so warm.


The victoria letters. Now I know that I have written about the victorian era before but not only do I write about it I also always talk about it so when I fond this book I just had to get it, I love reading all the diary entry's and letters Queen victoria wrote about her life and how trapped she felt before she married Albert. It's like reading a book full of secrets and scandals that at school they never taught you. As you read the diary entry's she wrote about Albert you will sit there and feel so alone as you don't have an Albert in your life.


Erin Condren. I know there are calendars on your phones or apps, where you can set things to beep and stuff but I hate using my phone when it comes down to setting dates, where you can only see 1 day at a time and to see anything you have to click on the date and all that palaver, whereas with a Callander dairy you just flip through the pages, I find it a lot more easy and I find that I'm much more organised when I write it down and can see a whole week at a time and I can physical see and touch it then have to type and go on the app every day to check things whereas with a book you just open one page and the whole week is right there, Erin Condren does the best diaries ever, they are wire bond so the front is re-attachable so you can buy 12 covers if you would like. You can design your own front cover or chose from their options list, The inside you can have either black and white or have it that every month is a different colour. You can also buy add-on items like stickers, pens and folders, I just love things like that as it makes me feel so organised, I've ordered my 2017 one hopefully it should be here soon.


Ipad paint brush. This by far is so cool it looks like a paint brush even the bristles feel like a paint brush and I love using this better then the apple pen as it feels less hard on the screen not like if you tap too hard it will crack the screen it's also more movable than the pen and I love painting and sketching with it as literally, you are painting with a paint brush.


Wood burning pen. This I will need to practice a lot off as it's one of those you have to get used to it and know all the different tips do. I got this from amazon for £12 and when i got it it looks so amazing and i honestly thought it wouldn't but i used it the other day and i love it, it does smell like your in a middle of a bonfire when you have used it for a long time i mean you are burning wood, I'm a bit scared must admit that i will look up and forget that it's burning a create a fire i will keep you posted on that, i brought some wood to practice on and i have made a Coster with a duck and my name on which was easy once I found the writing tip. As there are 12 I had to also get a book so I could do a bit of research but other than that I can see this begging a new art tool that I will fall in love with and look back a be like how did I live without this.

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