Monday, 20 February 2017

Egyptian make up facts

Egyptians were my favorite historic era when I was younger, I was so addicted to them that I even learned how to write and read Hieroglyphics. For me, I loved how ahead of time they were, there are so many historical eras after them that didn't have the technics or the tools they used. They were the closest to us ever in history with medical and skin care they held. I just think in any element to do with the Egyptians there is so much to learn. Any bit of that era there is pages and pages of facts to learn. For me, I'm going to do a few facts about their makeup and health care that I think were the most interesting.


 Egyptians believed that makeup was a way of getting the gods protection. The cosmetics they used were so ahead of time that is unbelievable. They had small pots of black eyeliner that even had lids. Eyeshadow plates which had kohl and other earth ingredients crushed also jars with creams and small pots full of rouge. This was all proven when a tomb was found containing all these well-preserved makeup in.


They used to put small cones on their heads, Which would be quite greasy and mucky, but in the sunlight, as It got hotter it would start to melt on their wigs, inside the cone was perfume which would make the wig smell nice all day. It was basically like their deodorant as under their wigs would start to smell.


 There are lots of reasons to believe why the Egyptians wore eyeliner but some of them are, that it was too warn off evil that the gods couldn't protect them from, it also made quite a good sun tan lotion, it blocked the sun from burning their eyelids, and face as they would make face powder using white chalk. Eyeliner was made out of kohl and chlorine and lead suffice, some people would put grease in it to make it runnier. Not only did it protect their eyes from sunlight but it also kept the flies away. With the kohl eyeliner, they would put it in a jar with a bit of grease or sometimes spit. Then stir it together before using it as I guess it must dry out like our gel pot eyeliners do. It came with a dish that was either a metal or wood and an ivory brush or a sharp bit of wood to apply it with, would lay on the dish.


Creams that would be used on their faces was actually quite similar to our more organic creams, they used whipped eggs and olive oil and other animal fat, sea salt and fruit justices to make it smell nice, also in the mix would be plants. Which as they new and we now different plants can benefit your skin in different ways.

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