Thursday, 23 February 2017


I've never done this before but I'm going to give it ago. I know this is a bit late but hey late is better than never right, so this is a 3 tarot card spread for this year. I think I might make this a monthly thing, I'm not too sure yet but anyway...

1- Past


Last year you felt that you had to be the best, had to have the latest thing and had to keep on top of everything, and as much fun as that was part of you didn't really feel comfortable. This card is all about fighting for things, whether in the last year you have been going through some emotional stuff or heartbreak or even health wise this card is saying your a fighter you don't give up and all the fighting is going to pay off in the year ahead, as everything that happened last year in your life happened for a reason. good things are coming.

2- Present


Being kind to people this year in places that won't even feel important will pay off, being yourself you will find you will get further in what it is you are aiming for whether it's in a job interview new school or just trying to meet people in the career areas you like. Being considerate this year is also what's going to help you, be friendly and your lovely bubbly self and you will be surprised where it will lead you, the most unexpected opportunities happen when you least expect it and you don't want to miss is because you chose not to talk to anyone.

3- Future

Sadness upside down.

An upside down card means the opposite, this is a year of joy and happiness and harmony, last year you had a hard year or maybe you didn't feel motivated but this year, when the world is on your side maybe you will find answers and inspiration, things are looking up this year, have fun and enjoy the happiness, whether this is going to be brought with making a life changing decision or getting a new job but happiness is coming your way, just be patient.

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